A wealth of flavors.Cuisine of Puglia is a wealth of flavors: hundreds of recipes based on products of land and sea.
The oil, vegetables and farinaceous are the main ingredients of the cuisine of Puglia.
Among the dishes of the region is to remember ‘fave e cicorie’, a puree of fave beans boiled, to which is added the wild chicory with garlic and chilli.
The most favourite food of Apuliansis is the pasta: ‘orecchiette’, ‘strascenate’, ‘mignuicchié’.
The popular tradition of Puglia is still linked to the cult of the bread and its varieties: such as the famous ‘frisedda’, a donut of flour, with a very tight hole, soaked in cold water and seasoned with salt, oil, pepper, tomato and onion.
Most of the Apulian cuisine is based on fish: bream, sole, snapper and octopus , then prepared with tasty sauces. A famous recipe is the so-called
 ‘octopus casserole’ with a sauce made up of olive oil, onion, white wine, parsley and pepper. Then the entrees raw such as squid, sea urchins, oysters and mussels.
The choice of wines is also wide: whites from Locorotondo and Martina Franca, rosés produced in Murgia, and, among the most famous reds, the Primitivo.

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