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Take home a piece of Puglia buying directly from us extra virgin olive oil quality.

Choose us for a gift to yourself, friends or relatives

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monte Fieno produced exclusively from our lands with all our love.

It’s obtained by cold pressing of olives mainly quality Coratina and Cima di Mola which provide a unique flavor to our oil. Bright green, tending to golden yellow and the fresh scent of ripe fruit, is recognized for its unique flavor intense and sweet, full flavor and lively aftertaste.

Suitable on all raw and cooked food, is recommended for all uses in the kitchen.

The order can be made at this email: [email protected]


PACKAGE n. 12 Cans 0.25 L 40 €
PACKAGE n. 12 Cans 0.50 L 60 €
PACKAGE n.12 Cans 0.50 L flavored 70 €
PACKAGE n. 12 Cans 0.75 L 85 €
PACKAGE n. 4 cans of 3 L 100 €
PACKAGE n. 4 cans of 5 L 150 €

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