The MasseriaLeCerase is placed at the center of Puglia in the hilly south-east of Bari, called Murgia, characterized by evident phenomena of karst. In the nearby, it is the most spectacular karst of Puglia: the caves of Castellana, the most magnificent of Italy.

Historically, Puglia, among the regions of Italy, is one of the richest prehistoric finds, including dolmens and menhirs.

Towards the end of the second millennium B.C. in our area settled down ethnic groups of Peucezi, of Messapi. At the end of the Roman Empire, followed up Byzantines, Lombards and Arabs.

First, under the Normans and then under the Swabians, our territory attained a substantial material and civil progress, which peaked with Frederick II, to whom the build of the Castel del Monte is due. Still, after the Angevin and finally, after the reign of the Spanish Bourbon dynasty, in Apulia took place the historical events of united Italy.

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