Adopting a distance of olive trees is a project created to promote the culture of quality and to protect trees that are the heritage of humanity.

The farm  Masseria LeCerase owns land cultivated with organic olive cultivarOgliarola and Cima di Mola, located in the countryside of the City of Conversano, Province of Bari, in the district of Trulli and Grotte.

The adopter will be granted a 20% DISCOUNT on the purchase of the oil produced by the plant adopted.

The various stages of cultivation of the plant and processing of olives into oil will also be notified , step by step.

Adopting a distance of Olives is activated only once you have read and approved the “Regulations for adoption free of one or more plants of Olive secular ” , filled out and signed the “Contract of Adoption ,” to be scanned and sent to the following email address : agriturismo.montefieno @