Article 1

The objective of a distance adoption of an olive tree is to protect the agricultural heritage and the characteristic landscape of Puglia, and also to spread the use of extra virgin olive oil organic.

Article 2

One who adopts one or more trees is called the adopter.


Article 3

On the tree of olive adopted will be affixed a plate reporting a code or name to identify the adopter, in respect of privacy and of this Regulation.


Article 4

All land of MonteFieno-Scattozzi are cultivated according to the method of on organic farming. The oil extraction or the pressing of the olives will be developed with a cold integral method, without the addition of hot water in order to leave unchanged the organoleptic properties.


Article 5

The adoption of one or more trees of olives is totally free and does not confer property rights on the plant, on the production of olive oil and on other goods related to the production.


Article 6

The adopter may at any time terminate the contract contacting us by e-mail, without any cost or penalty.


Article 7

The adopter may purchase from year to year, if he wants, the olive oil of its tree adopted at the market price offered , with a discount of 20%.


Article 8

The olive oil production of each plant varies from year to year; usually producing an average of 15-25 liters for tree. The adopter will decide, from time to time, whether and how much olive oil to buy from its trees.


Article 9

For to adopt an olive tree just send us an e-mail, together with a scanned signature of the contract attached hereto.


Article 10

Olive oil MonteFieno-Scattozzi will be shipped.


Article 11

Montefieno-Scattozzi will inform the adopter through the website or by e-mail, on all agricultural activities carried out on the tree olive adopted with photos and/or video, also customized.


Article 12

The adopter can make free tours of the farm, to take a look at the adopted plant, with the right to participate at the harvest and/or pruning of the olives after sending a request via e-mail.